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Buddy Bandicoot, Dodger The Dog, Jaffa The Jaguar, Bud The Beaver, Caspian The Crab, Fang The Fly, Digger The Dodo, Fyre The Frog, Bubbles The Bird, Gunner The Gator, Maverick Mutant, Fang The Fish, Sprite The Squid, Killer Cougar, Catastrophe Camel, Anger The Alligator, Bingo Badger, Bluster The Baboon, Fudge Ferret, Binky The Beaver, Lance The Lemming, Jabba The Giant, Matrix Monkey, Trace The Turtle, Rampage The Rabbit, Nacho The Nightingale, Hurley The Human, Darth The Donkey, Grunt The Gibbon, Weirdo The Wizard, Biggs The Bear, Blade The Bear, Ammo The Astronaut, Lancelot The Llama, Claw The Cobra, Crackle The Coyote, Menace The Moth, Godzilla Gibbon, Mason The Monkey, Pace The Panther, Hades The Hamster, Boomboom Bat, Crash The Crane, Pounce The Peacock, Shepherd The Centipede,

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