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That One Is Mine!, Once More!, Our Time Has Come!, United Under God!, Obliterate Them From History!, For Chaos!, Send Them To Their Maker!, Spit On Their Corpses!, Don't Run, You're Already Dead!, We Will Be Victorious!, Make Them Fear Our Name!, Take No Prisoners!, We Ride Forever!, We Fight As One!, Make Them Suffer!, Leave Them With Nothing!, At Last!, Destroy Everything In Your Path!, Leave None Alive!, Trample Them Beneath Your Feet!, Victory Or Death!, We Shall Conquer All!, We Shall Feast Tonight!, Our Blades Hunger!, Forever As One!, Let Them Meet Our Best!, We Are The Greatest!, Wipe Them From History!, God Watches Over Us!, By The Power Bestowed Upon Us!, Until Eternity!, Let's Get To Know Who They Are On The Inside!, We Never Tire!, For Gold And Glory!, Death To The Enemy!, Praise The People!, Your Souls Are Ours!, Cower Before Us!, Paint The Fields In Their Blood!, Kill Them All, Leave No-one Standing!, Here We Come!, Let's Go!, Death Comes Tomorrow!, By Our Blades You Shall Perish!, We Are The Reapers!,

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