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Chainmail Feet Of Immortal Fires, Dragon Bronzed Stompers, Adamantite Stompers Of Blind Comrades, Malevolent Greatboots Of Insanity, Fusion Ivory Boots, Doom Greaves Of Fortitude, Ivory Sabatons Of Eternal Whispers, Barbaric Silver Boots, Obsidian Spurs Of Damned Bloodlust, Warboots Of Endless Kings, Ebon Feet Of Smoldering Trials, Chain Sabatons Of Hellish Illusions, Haunted Adamantite Boots, Malignant Mithril Stompers, Feet Of Imminent Hell, Boots Of Divine Power, Scaled Sabatons Of Hellish Wars, Thunder Ebon Footguards, Warboots Of Faded Misery, Remorse Ebon Greaves, Soldier's Greaves Of The Dead, Hungering Walkers Of The Lone Wolf, Primal Feet Of Steadiness, Greatboots Of Damned Souls, Blood Infused Titanium Walkers, Walkers Of Demonic Whispers, Brutality Footguards Of Terrors, Crazed Mithril Warboots, Boots Of Infernal Glory, Blood Infused Chain Sabatons, Wind's Mail Warboots, Desire's Boots Of Black Magic, Recruit's Obsidian Treads, Barbaric Chain Footguards, Destiny's Mithril Greaves, Bronzed Warboots Of Smoldering Voices, Adamantite Sabatons Of Imminent Visions, Crazed Bronzed Feet, Bandit's Adamantite Sabatons, Keeper's Boots Of Fire Magic, Dragon Skeletal Greaves, Silent Feet Of The Sky, Malignant Obsidian Walkers, Thundersoul Sabatons Of Muffled Steps, Hollow Mail Footguards,

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