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Protect Their Honor., Be Redeemed., Abandon An Ideology., Break A Habit., Find True Love., See The Gods Pay For Their Crimes., Avenge A Friend., Find Love., See Others Suffer., Find Out The Fate Of A Friend., Become Godly., Satisfy Their Curiosity., Reconcile With A Person., Create A Safe World., Make A Difference., Avoid Responsibilities., End A War., Be Accepted By Society., Be A Master In Their Field., Apologize., Have Justice Done., Spread Chaos., Find Excitement., Explore The Oceans., Protect Nature., Restart The World., Find Out Their True Identity., Destroy Evil., Save A Deity., Spread Joy., Find A Purpose In Life., Live., Win A Game., Get Rich., Start A Family., Get Away From Their Past., Avenge A Family Member., Find A Thrilling Life., Follow Orders., Create A Utopia., Be Loved., Prove A Theory., Free The Animals., Be Able To Eat., Cause Mayhem.,

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