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Osmer, Missionary Of Gardens, Wiermund, Apostle Of Snow, Godwyn, Magi Of The Brave, Osmod, Prince Of Liberty, Osmod, Hungry Eminence Of Solitude, Osmod, Hallowed Lord Of Effigies, Wretched Lord Waldere, Rumwald, Herald Of The Fire, Osmund, Tribune Of Freedom, Godwyn, Warrior Of Rebirth, Godwyn, Priest Of The Cold, Rumwald, Counselor Of Storms, Roderick, Wretched Apostle Of Gardens, Osmer, Novice Of Marble, Wicked Liaison Eadmer, Osmund, Delirious Patriarch Of Masks, Godwulf, Sage Of Pride, Wild Grand Master Raedfrid, Wulfric, Abusive Patriarch Of Voices, Winfrid, Baron Of Blood, Godwulf, Preacher Of Hatred, Forsaken Curator Cyneburg, Osmaer, Violent Preacher Of Division, Godwyn, Angelic Commander Of Punishments, Godwulf, Prince Of Fires, Forsaken Curator Alfwine, Wulfred, Liaison Of Funerals, Saebald, Delirious Eminence Of Justice, Rumwold, Ancient Overlord Of Solitude, Osmund, Seer Of Punishments, Osmund, Delirious Patriarch Of Birth, Godwulf, Hollow Divinity Of Slaves, Wigmund, High Priest Of Canvasses, Rumwald, Reverend Of Rebirth, Romund, Curator Of Ice, Roderick, Eminence Of Sorrow, Roderick, Delegate Of Conflict, Garmund, Mindless Consul Of The Fire, Garmund, Delegate Of Truths, Garmund, Ambitious Reverend Of Snow, Yonwin, Seer Of Mirrors, Rumwold, Missionary Of Scales, Gargantuan Prince Cyneburg, Rumwald, Deaf Paladin Of Desire, Osmund, Blind Novice Of Justice,

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