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  • Mindless Grand Master Wilheard
  • Hybald, Consul Of Liberty
  • Abandoned Exarch Forwin
  • Baldric, Hallowed Missionary Of Lies
  • Alden, Liaison Of Aspects
  • Aedilhun, Tribune Of Reason
  • Drunk Reverend Aloc
  • Hiroc, Aggressive Lord Of Smiles
  • Cerdic, Angry Minister Of Punishments
  • Baldric, Master Of Freedom
  • Deormund, Macabre Warrior Of Color
  • Ansfrid, Wretched High Priest Of Anguish
  • Aldhere, Seer Of Canvasses
  • Alwold, Commander Of Prisons
  • Bruning, Aggressive Delegate Of Freedom
  • Golden Patriarch Tilwald
  • Theodgar, Eminence Of Judgment
  • Turec, Great Apostle Of Punishments
  • Warped Reverend Wigbert
  • Angelic Paragon Hardwin
  • Yonwin, Insane Grand Master Of Mercy
  • Grave Exarch Mensige
  • Odalric, Lord Of Envy
  • Baldred, Tribune Of Omens
  • Ceolbald, Herald Of Slaves
  • Yonwin, Exarch Of Prisons
  • Ansfrid, Magi Of Slaves
  • Aegheard, Consul Of Death
  • Alward, Ancient Father Of Health
  • Forsaken Reverend Teowulf
  • Byrnwold, Minister Of Fire
  • Ailwin, Father Of Delights
  • Andhun, Colossal Reverend Of Caves
  • Tired Counselor Eward
  • Elite Priest Aelbehrt
  • Turoc, Novice Of Caves

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