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  • Acwald, Novice Of Dreams
  • Baldric, Righteous Missionary Of Freedom
  • Elwin, Abandoned Warrior Of Conflict
  • Macabre Minister Forwin
  • Beric, Blind Delegate Of Aspects
  • Monstrous High Priest Anselm
  • Euphoric Delegate Godwyn
  • Ilhelm, High Priest Of The Dark
  • Alfgar, Curator Of The Garden
  • Turold, Noxious Apostle Of The Blind
  • Parched Father Aelfred
  • Aldhun, Curator Of Voices
  • Aelred, Somber Prince Of Existence
  • Freomund, Master Of Spirits
  • Kenward, Delegate Of Truths
  • Gudram, Somber Lord Of Battle
  • Einhard, Herald Of Existence
  • Grave Apostle Turold
  • Wighard, Macabre Elder Of Division
  • Eadwig, Elite Liaison Of Chaos
  • Ordmaer, Paragon Of Justice
  • Mute Counselor Lindhard
  • Euphoric Tribune Beric
  • Eadnod, Tired Prince Of Sanity
  • Fearless Priest Andhun
  • Theobald, Commander Of Gardens
  • Cenwalh, Demonic Baron Of Blades
  • Acwuld, Reckless Liaison Of Glass
  • Reckless Paragon Arnulf
  • Shallow Preacher Idhelm
  • Eadric, Demonic Commander Of Change
  • Adamant Herald Ceolfrid
  • Berthun, Reverend Of Ice
  • Aedilhun, Apostle Of The Flock
  • Eadwulf, Corrupt Prince Of Sunlight
  • Corrupted Prince Wulfrid

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