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  • Ethereal Novice Wuldric
  • Osbald, Marked Master Of Caves
  • Rumwold, Sage Of Color
  • Trumhere, Grounded Elder Of Sunlight
  • Anguished Grand Master Aldred
  • Ceolmaer, Tribune Of Gardens
  • Ernulf, Baron Of The Night
  • Godefrid, Overlord Of Voices
  • Deormod, Devoted Apostle Of Sunlight
  • Erminus, Seer Of The End
  • Eluric, Deranged Master Of Crowns
  • Stormy King Osmund
  • Bardolph, Herald Of Freedom
  • Teowulf, Preacher Of The World
  • Ceolfrid, Prime Of Punishments
  • Marked Prince Alden
  • Heahmund, Infernal Baron Of Color
  • Eardwul, Eminence Of Poison
  • Andhun, Herald Of The Sun
  • Jaenbert, Infernal High Priest Of Smiles
  • Idhelm, Baron Of Freedom
  • Eanwulf, Abbot Of The Sun
  • Gaenbald, King Of Crowns
  • Demonic Liaison Brynstan
  • Infernal Exarch Aldred
  • Prime Priest Ceolwald
  • Romund, Paladin Of Beauty
  • Odalric, Magi Of Blood
  • Aldwyn, Sage Of Victory
  • Oswin, Monstrous Magi Of Funerals
  • Zealous Overlord Indulf
  • Wigmund, Sage Of Feasts
  • Maerheard, Acrid Commander Of Balance
  • Stormy King Baldwine
  • Godwine, Death Divinity Of Aspects
  • Theodgar, Counselor Of Ghosts

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