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Chenunth, Destroyer Of Life, Nennas, The Firestarter, Biddreon, Champion Of The Red, Chemreir, The Jealous One, Chavrorth, The Bunny Killer, Graghirth, The Quiet, Binneirys, The Squeeler, Xirdod, Lord Of The Brown, Rannador, Protector Of The Forest, Ayzyrth, Eater Of All, Xughud, The Adorable, Bydrat, The Loud, Qerdere, The Mammoth, Bikoss, The Insane, Peghud, Braveheart, Mukynier, The Gifted, Qaysar, Protector Of Creatures, Granesdynth, The Deathlord, Chirrur, The Mysterious, Chorvia, The Bunny Killer, Xielry, The Evil One, Kembecrirth, The Protective, Bremag, The Mysterious, Bulbe, The Gifted, Xambag, The Quiet, Braydradeg, Gentle Mind, Chirrym, Lord Of The Blue, Ciavri, The Eternal One, Brienes, Champion Of The Green, Curontay, Protector Of The Sky, Bazzat, The Bright, Chaylris, The Mysterious, Zythun, Champion Of The Blue, Bemmiecro, Longtail, Oldrag, Champion Of Men, Bysintim, The Dark, Byrdam, Lord Of The Green, Cindryss, Protector Of The Weak, Brarit, The Puny, Bimbe, The Swift, Chadro, The Slow, Emerth, The Tender, Chielrois, The Voiceless One, Celdryr, The Fierce, Immass, The Eternal,

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