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Fiend And Foe, Blessed Blades Of Ancient Power, Sink And Subdue, Hammers Of Horrid Dreams, Blunt And Dull, Warblades Of Lost Hope, Apathy And Lethargy, Betrayers Of The Talon, Fire And Smoke, Blessed Blades Of The Breaking Storm, Foresight And Hindsight, Axes Of The Lost, Input And Output, Bringers Of Ending Misery, Black And White, Betrayers Of Hatred, Hide And Seek, Dual Blades Of Eternal Damnation, Foresight And Hindsight, Hammers Of Ending Misery, Distract And Disorient, Twin Swords Of Ended Dreams, Apathy And Lethargy, Ravagers Of The Lost, Pump And Dump, Twin Blades Of The Cataclysm, Enthrall And Enchant, Twins Of The Breaking Storm, Ascend And Descend, Sabers Of Lost Hope, Bread And Butter, Longblades Of Pride's Fall, Courage And Conviction, Tokens Of Silence, Deep And Dark, Twin Hammers Of Hell's Games, Cause And Causality, Daggers Of Lost Comrades, Aim And Maim, Betrayers Of Zeal, High And Mighty, Twin Axes Of The Incoming Storm, Ebb And Flow, Tributes Of The Caged Mind, Bread And Butter, Slicers Of The Sun, Back And Forth, Twin Guns Of Deception, Hustle And Bustle, Tokens Of Silence, Command And Control, Shortswords Of Stealth, Cause And Causality, Reavers Of The King, Fame And Fortune, Daggers Of The Void, Demon And Daemon, Twin Guns Of The South, Frost And Bite, Etchers Of The Incoming Storm, Pain And Devestation, Defilers Of Eternal Damnation, Joy And Sorrow, Champions Of Ended Dreams, Prayer And Praise, Legacies Of Wraiths, Ebb And Flow, Twin Razors Of The Occult, Croak And Choke, Crusaders Of The Nightstalker, Anguish And Agony, Executioners Of Visions, Burn And Bury, Edges Of The Lasting Night, Do And Don't, Twin Razors Of The Damned, Fire And Brimstone, Hammers Of Frost, Dusk And Dawn, Skewers Of The Occult, Devide And Conquer, Defenders Of Black Magic, Thunder And Lightning, Pacts Of Mercy, Brother And Sister, Warglaives Of Hope, Pain And Gain, Blades Of Honor, Shake And Stagger, Sabers Of Thunder,

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