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The Bodyguard, The Prime, The Emotional, The Watcher, The Aromatic, The Terrific, The Ambitious, The Glorious, The Fish, The Fair, The Cuddly, The Exalted, The Cuddly Bear, The Loyal Heart, The Colorful, The Loud, The Euphoric, The Friend, The Ecstatic, The Cute, The Learned, The Great, The Wonderful, The Fairy, The Gray, The Decent, The Quaint, The Disfigured, The Architect, The Kitten, The Honorable, The Unsung Hero, The Prestigious, The Blind, The Warlock, The Digital, The Cuddle, The Butcher, The Mage, The Quick, The Stout, The Clean, The Hound, The Honest, The Alert,

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