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The Dotyll Barrens, The Zyfyq Firelands, The Blyduhz Lands, The Glihahx Territory, The Gikyx Firelands, The Bidimm Territory, The Blymihst Field, The Sanguine Wilds, The Ceryd Dominion, The Yvust Wilds, The Oxarq Ash Fields, The Crerurk Wilderness, The Sreteph Wastes, The Amost Expanse, The Sanguine Wilderness, The Bruzyrst Territory, The Furious Land, The Movolz Fire Fields, The Caustic Desert, The Agess Expanse, The Violent Dominion, The Jizum Lands, The Cryxit Lands, The Brejart Emberlands, The Fuming Range, The Qruperc Emberlands, The Otorf Ash Fields, The Reqihn Firelands, The Torch Expanse, The Utash Wastes, The Branded Barrens, The Irux Firelands, The Tluquhz Flamelands, The Firewhirl Territory, The Vetilk Range, The Boiling Wilds, The Obugh Fields, The Crofaks Emberlands, The Komug Ashlands, The Oburb Range, The Wigul Wastes, The Aposk Wastes, The Obits Land, The Frenzy Territory, The Noxyrq Land,

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