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The Brass Owls, The Azure Dragontooth Band, The Thunder Chainsaws, The Dragon Tribe, The Diamond Rose Gang, The Brass Demon Gang, The Orange Water Soldiers, The Cobalt Cobras, The Black Chainsaw Tribe, The Fang Company, The Ivory Bears, The Azure Owls, The Jade Spider Crew, The Cardinal Monkey Soldiers, The Diamond Sword Company, The Bronze Wolves, The Blossoms, The Violet Snakes, The Reapers, The Electric Needles, The Ebony Water Association, The Scarlet Bats, The Brass Knuckle Band, The Cardinal Tear Gang, The Jade Demons, The Toad Association, The Bronze Badger Band, The Onyx Skeleton Syndicate, The Red Undead, The Electric Trolls, The Ice Death Clan, The Ivory Gorilla Crew, The Brown Enigma Association, The Blue Snake Crew, The Red Hog Squad, The Brass Lion Squad, The Black Banner Gang, The Brown Alligator Brotherhood, The Bronze Pincer Gang, The Cardinal Sabors, The Demon Wolverine Clan, The Fire Serpent Crew, The Orange Monkeys, The Denim Dragon Syndicate, The Azure Forsaken Association,

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