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Boots Of Guardians, Amulet Of Melancholy, Bracers Of Gloom, Dagger Of The Swamp, Trinket Of Thorns, Shoes Of Kings, Band Of The Gladiator, Chestplate Of Executions, Amulet Of The Steward, Axe Of Spellpower, Dress Of Fire Magic, Boots Of Luck, Locket Of Voodoo, Hammer Of Adaptability, Ornament Of The Cataclysm, Bow Of Bravery, Amulet Of Witchcraft, Bracelet Of Suffering, Chaps Of Murder, Bracelet Of Explosions, Talisman Of Woe, Band Of Blades, Talisman Of Composure, Necklace Of Dodging, Greaves Of Woodcutting, Dagger Of Calamity, Gauntlets Of Stamina, Band Of Calamity, Shield Of Repulsion, Bow Of Demons, Shield Of Understanding, Bracelet Of The Serpent, Hammer Of Feather Falling, Axe Of Blood, Bracelet Of Focus, Trinket Of Disgust, Chaps Of Spite, Tiara Of Fire, Greaves Of The Prisoner, Hat Of Shock, Dagger Of Crafting, Bracelet Of Health, Bracers Of Shadow Resist, Ring Of Glee, Garment Of Luck,

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