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Biqed The Loyal, Aabbiz The Austere, Akeemud The Rich, Anqan The Scented, Zemof The Glorious, Gehu The Better, Aanam The Unequaled, Bhestu The Pure, Aismish The Happy, Sesmam The Truthful, Bheeshom The Exalted, Bussu The Vibrant, Dhihim The Accomplished, Akamod The Simple, Bhusee The Terrific, Beeseshen The Amazing, Zesfun The Adored, Dhastil The Terrific, Aibbesh The Luminous, Buashel The Honored, Aanqehun The Idolized, Aabobred The Light, Aqenoof The Proud, Aaqu The Impeccable, Bhisukheez The Treasured, Aabra The Idolized, Bhoshuzan The Exalted, Sozzu The Harmonious, Aste The Accomplished, Abbutee The Grandiose, Aistan The Giving, Neesseshif The Swift, Zesfol The Ancient, Zeesfeerhil The Kind, Bhoruzzem The Rich, Zihom The Venerated, Akhod The Virtuous, Abroo The Radiant, Hakid The Magnificent, Bodom The Beloved, Ashuzzun The Terrific, Zihaf The Lovable, Ghisfaash The Treasured, Boozona The Pleasing, Aakinqud The Magnificent,

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