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Blitzfire, Honorable Wolfman, The Mighty Magician, The Dramatic Catman, Frozenstar, Pink Crow, The Fearless Merlin, Electric Monarch, Electron Monarch, The Black Champion, The Bronze Gladiator, Professor Voiceless Moth, The Steel Katana, Agent Black Prodigy, Defiant Killer, Chief Water Scimitar, Unarmed Shepherd, The White Monarch, Dapper Wasp, Copper Killer, Chief Storm Devil, The Gray Katana, Mister Giant Hammer, The Good Keeper, The Ethereal Wasp, The Huge Mole, The Rapid Watchman, Dragon Boy, The Iron Illusionist, Captain Ice Prodigy, Agent Ancient Antman, Captain Bronze Gloom, Ancient Snipe, Chief Outrageous Bear, Mister Rapid Lynx, The Nuclear Wolverine, Confident Bat, Doctor Smooth Wasp, The Accidental Vindicator, Chief Broad Slayer, Black Wing, The Steel Trident, Chief Gigantic Beetle, Doctor Light Dragonfly, Infamous Catman,

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