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The Clarity Of Omdona, The Myriad Tomes, The The Sun Of Vugulla, The Scrolls Of Ypeyar, The Word Of Infinity, The Prudence Of Raaris, The Spirits Of Oktia, The The Solstice Of Etia, The Tome Of Hope, The Daemon Words, The Tomes Of Odur, The Codex Of Eion, The Evidence Book, The The Custodian Of Ybphion, The The Daemon Of Ixdia, The Books Of Revelations, The Sisterhood Of Ecphy, The Genesis Of Ivva, The Books Of Merasil, The Books Of Connections, The Tomes Of Fury, The Book Of Xanagi, The Birth Of Qymna, The Souls Of Atia, The Aeon Books, The Descendant Chronicles, The Piety Tomes, The Books Of Umes, The Book Of Ytaldir, The Book Of Erus, The Embers Of Hotix, The Chronicles Of Yvemis, The Matriarch Books, The Sisterhood Of Zysyja, The Sanctity Scrolls, The Spirits Of Ikraura, The Kinship Of Abtris, The Ember Tome, The Books Of Dusk, The Codices Of Ydorr, The Vitality Codex, The Almighty Testament, The The Truth Of Uana, The Ardor Of Batris, The The Mother Of Poena,

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