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Flowers Smell Fresher In The Morning., That's Trusting A Rumor., Making A Lemon Sweet., Cutting Hair With A Lawnmower., Living Like A Bear In Winter., That's Swimming Against The Tides., A Home Filled With Light Is A Home Of Delight., A Library Is Meaningless Without Readers., Some Languages Are Known To All., Working For Oblivion., Running A Marathon On Water., A Single Flame Can Become An Inferno., Guided By Hope., Like Learning From An Echo., A Mess Of A Guess., A Stranger Today Can Be A Friend Tomorrow., It's The Face Of A Place., Singing Like A Fish., Just Curves And Swerves., Pleasure Outweighs Pain., A Whistle In The Wind., A Mind Like A Circus., A Laugh Brings Joy To More Than The Laughing., A Mask Does Not Hide Everything., A False Alarm Does Mean Harm., A Payment Of Pennies., A Promise Now Broken Is Best Not Spoken., A Fool's Test., A Garden Of Sticks., Experiences Are Everywhere., Tears Of My Fears., Like A Kiss In The Night., Turning A Dream Into A Nightmare., Using A Hamster To Power A Plane., Like A Light On The Sun., Turning Change To Growth., Warning Me The Sun Will Rise., The Hopes Of The Devil., Excuses Make For Bad Friends., A Single Wish Can Change The World., You Can Stop A Clock, But Time Will Tick On., Stepping On Land Again., Escaping Prison With A Feather., Feeling Like You're On The Moon., Dream Of Tomorrow, Live In The Now.,

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