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The Adorable Seagulls Inn, The Clean Mosquito, The Bored Crew Bar, The Clever Elephant Tavern, The Clever Lyre Pub, The Creepy Cavern, The Chubby Parrot Pub, The Dazzling Rats, The Beautiful Chestplate Inn, The Detailed Fiddler, The Awful Butterfly, The Deranged Morning Glory Pub, The Defeated Hyacinth Tavern, The Careful Crows, The Dangerous Water Tavern, The Cute Trumpet Pub, The Clean Chicken, The Longing Whistle Pub, The Different Octopus Inn, The Dangerous Seal Pub, The Black Clam Pub, The Bronze Dragon Pub, The Crazy Pickaxe Inn, The Dark Peanut Bar, The Clumsy Caterpillar Pub, The Demon Leader Bar, The Different Bongo Bar, The Chubby Fowl Inn, The Deranged Belltower Tavern, The Marvelous Crocodile, The Big Knight, The Foolish Jester, The Deserted Bear Inn, The Careful Night Elf Inn, The Beautiful Stick Inn, The Grateful Nutmeg Inn, The Modern Spider Bar, The Twin Squash Bar, The Blue Ponies Inn, The Creepy Corn Bar, The Delirious Bat Tavern, The Minor Ice Tavern, The Bad Alligator Pub, The Wise Elephant, The Perfect Water Tavern,

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