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  • The Defeated Glass
  • The Dancing Piano
  • The Righteous Dagger
  • The Confident Orc Pub
  • The Majestic Gang Tavern
  • The Short Caterpillar Tavern
  • The Dramatic Dandelion Bar
  • The Terrific Stone
  • The Limping Cashew Tavern
  • The Massive Angel Pub
  • The Laughable Piano
  • The Naughty Jaguar Bar
  • The Threatening Lions Bar
  • The Tall Ingot Bar
  • The Filthy Pelican Bar
  • The Stately Chestnut
  • The Molten Snakes
  • The Triangular Spade Tavern
  • The Spotted Bassoon
  • The Majestic Rose Pub
  • The Romantic Bongo Bar
  • The Ugliest Toad Bar
  • The Faded Ostrich Pub
  • The Lush Belltower Tavern
  • The Skilled Brain
  • The Fluffy Pepper Pub
  • The Jazzy Cats Bar
  • The Perfect Water Tavern
  • The Stormy Ingot Tavern
  • The Grey Didgeridoo Bar
  • The Far Away Chestplate
  • The Last Pigeons Pub
  • The Good Hammer Tavern
  • The Rapid Unicorn Pub
  • The Ugly Pony Tavern
  • The Second Books Bar

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