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  • The Cruel Crocodile
  • The Far Skies Tavern
  • The Timid Horse
  • The Rabid Helmet Tavern
  • The Defiant Dragons
  • The Future Dragons Inn
  • The Armed Pearl Pub
  • The Purple Pony
  • The Peaceful Hornet Bar
  • The Bronze Truffle Inn
  • The Rebel Knight Pub
  • The Excellent Crow Pub
  • The Interesting Forest
  • The Automatic Tusk
  • The Magnificent Prince Pub
  • The First Wood Elf
  • The Asian Cheese
  • The Equal Couple Inn
  • The Awesome Mandolin Inn
  • The Deranged Mosquito Pub
  • The Double Well Tavern
  • The Quack Lioness Bar
  • The Gruesome Forest Pub
  • The Loving Armadillo Tavern
  • The Efficient Lord
  • The Anxious Books Bar
  • The Likeable Vampire Tavern
  • The Familiar Lily Bar
  • The Heavy Note Tavern
  • The Slippery Balloon Inn
  • The Annoying Butcher Bar
  • The Mixed Raccoon Tavern
  • The Measly Fairy Tavern
  • The Wicked Trunk Pub
  • The Odd Rapier Bar
  • The Abandoned Bachelor Inn

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