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Armand The Giant, Fulchard The Stubborn, Baynard The Scar, Mikael The Escort, Frederick Of The Lake, Conan The Broken, Frank The Powerful, Berengerus The Tough, Roland Of The Sea, Joce The Keeper, Guillaume The Gladiator, Tristram The Old, Azorius The Creature, Hugh Of The Spring, Hardwin The Agile, Guillame The Dragonslayer, Otois The Rude, Warnerus The Gorgeous, Gaillart The Clever, Wyliame The Harbinger, Dandy The Worthy, Giffard The Magnificent, Frery The Beast, Terrowin The Wolf, Daniel The Whisper, Androu The Angel, Bevis The Bane, Jeronim The Colossus, Bricet The Courageous, Aalot The Little, Goisfridus The Fierce, Hud The Talented, Ilbert The Heartbreaker, Aymon The Brave, Athelard The Red, Adhemar The Ugly, Jemmy The Protector, Raiimond The Keen, Andriu The Tiny, John The Trusted, Godebert The Kind, Ricaud The Giant, Tedric The Warden, Jocelyn The Scar, Brom The Allegiant,

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