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Conqueror Skeletal Kilt, Platelegs Of Endless Punishment, Mended Steel Legguards, Proud Greaves Of The Titans, Thunderstorm Obsidian Skirt, Demon Kilt Of Haunted Souls, Hero's Leggings Of The Serpent, Greaves Of Faded Comrades, Bone Platelegs Of Smoldering Honor, Silver Platelegs Of Twisted Lands, Leggings Of Immortal Magic, Battleworn Kilt Of The Storm, Liar's Legguards Of Illusions, Bloodsurge Leggings Of Chaos, Possessed Skirt Of Enchantments, Demon Legguards Of Infinite Vengeance, Victor Skirt Of The Night Sky, Leggings Of The Crusader, Legplates Of Relentless Freedom, Windsong Leggings Of Ruins, Honor's Skirt Of Life, Bone Skirt Of Imminent Vengeance, Mail Platelegs Of Timeless Voices, Wrathful Bronze Greaves, Call Of Shadows, Bone Greaves Of Smoldering Fire, Leggings Of Immortal Voices, Chainmail Legplates Of Sacred Nights, Ivory Legguards Of Silent Ancestors, Legguards Of Holy Might, Corrupted Ebon Platelegs, Legionnaire's Greaves Of Fire Protection, Bronze Legplates Of Sacred Ancestors, Platelegs Of Frozen Magic, Legguards Of Broken Fires, Blood Infused Platelegs Of Inception, Legguards Of Broken Torment, Defender's Legguards Of Assaults, Bond Of Immortality, Steel Of Moonlight, Kilt Of Thorns, Haunted Legguards Of Barriers, Obsidian Legguards Of Sacred Hope, Burden Of The Talon, Obsidian Legguards Of Damned Hell,

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