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The Curly Fly, The Big Honey Bee, The Dirty Parrot, The Needy Hippopotamus, The Agile Macaw, The Black Bronco, The Big Goat, The Happy Dove, The Chilly Zebra, The Baby Sloth, The Cheery Orang-utan, The Baby Peafowl, The Dirty Camel, The Big Swallow, The Amusing Monster, The Chilly Elk, The Angry Hawk, The Amazing Panda, The Curly Scorpion, The Chilly Hammer, The Peaceful Saint, The Cuddly Chicken, The Fast Viking, The Rude Flamingo, The Loud Goblin, The Angelic Snail, The Cute Anaconda, The Fantastic Bison, The Fiery Wasp, The Fabulous Elephant, The Dirty Worm, The Dirty Griffin, The Curly Worm, The Jumbo Cod, The Bubbly Snake, The Incredible Starfish, The Little Chimpanzee, The Merry Hawk, The Brown Gladiator, The Cuddly Sheep, The Amazing Frog, The Black Turkey, The Black Ferret, The Mad Giant Panda, The Glittering Hyena,

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