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A-c5 Overseer Tank Destroyer, M-y58 Rajah Tank Destroyer, G0-1 Rogue Self-propelled Gun, H6q6 Swine Bridging Vehicle, P8m8 Citadel Repair Vehicle, B411o Hyena Engineering Vehicle, Adf9 Striker Supply Vehicle, Ac89 Drake Maintenance And Recovery Vehicle, Avs3 Horror Self-propelled Mortar, Ds-9e Hun Engineering Vehicle, D-c5e Sentinel Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Cb62 Cyclone Self-propelled Gun, X-e4 Samson Maintenance And Recovery Vehicle, D7-9 Trooper Self-propelled Anti-tank Vehicle, Dgo2 Paragon Tank Destroyer, D8-4q Cthulu Armored Vehicle, A5q11 Mongrel Utility Vehicle, D-r8c Challenger Command Vehicle, E5o8 Gloom Reconnaissance Vehicle, E4d0p Panther Artillery Command Vehicle, A-64 Edge Armored Security Vehicle, A0h54 Lucifer Mine Clearing Vehicle, A-14c Samaritan Carrier, Oe13 Ibis Carrier, A-c4 Viper Transport, A0-7y Leopard Armored Personal Carrier, Do30 Hymn Supply Vehicle, Bx-1 Minion Transport, Cfa1 Gopher Self-propelled Gun, B-74 Mogul Self-propelled Anti-tank Vehicle, Ac21b Fiend Infantry Fighting Vehicle, Dk10b Shaitan Self-propelled Mortar, Mav3n Tigress Self-propelled Anti-tank Vehicle, C0n5p Hades Reconnaissance Vehicle, Zz00 Lucifer Artillery Command Vehicle, Gr45 Mammoth Anti-tank Vehicle, E-33 Bison Fire Support Vehicle, Cyj4j Rex Bridging Vehicle, Zpy91 Minion Armored Security Vehicle, R334 Fox Command Vehicle, Bfx7 Minion Cargo Carrier, Zz47 Edge Armored Car, Ai-6 Bison Anti-tank Vehicle, Br210 Atilla Command Vehicle, Mtt4d Primus Self-propelled Mortar,

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