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New Press, Morning Journal, Connection Evening, Public Time, Morn Time, The Aurora Tribune, Morning Carpe Diem, Daily Beacon, Narrative Weekly, The Apex Inquirer, The Sunrise Sentinel, Daily News, Weekly Mail, Early Bird Time, Explorer Evening, The Leading Sentinel, Express Daily, The Eyewitness Record, The Sun Times, Daily Review, The Patron Sentinel, Evening Zenith, Weekly Heritage, The Early Bird Mirror, Daily Pinnacle, The Vertex Post, Citizen Daily, Headline Daily, National Daily, The Western Gazette, Global Weekly, Weekly Morrow, Weekly Reporter, Pioneer Morning, The Headline Inquirer, The First Light Time, The Daily Watch Time, Break Of Day Tribune, The Emerald Mirror, Morning Star News, Narrative Evening, Morning Morningtide, The Morning Watch Sentinel, The Northern Mirror, The Epoch Herald,

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