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The Cacophonous Lightning, The Davy Jones Return, The Mangy James, The Shadows Of The Rift, The Barbaric Dragon, The Homicidal Ghost, The Cry Atlantis, The Damnation Of The Cutlass, The Barbaric Jewel, The Adventure Fortune, The Damned Fortune, The Cry Of The Pearl, The Bearded Coward, The Deceitful Delivery, The Liberty King, The Cry Killer, The Little Delight, The Damned Damned, The Flying Fear, The Cry Squid, The Vicious Howl, The Howling Saber, The Disgraceful Rambler, The Strumpet, The Hades Slave, The Grand Insanity, The Madness Of The Murderers, The Poison Ghost, The Gold Seas, The Cry Of The Servants, The Vile Knave, The Curse Of The Curse, The Broken Marauders, The Oceans Saber, The Blasted Insanity, The Vicious Sea Rovers, The Cry Of The Manta, The Victory Plunderers, The Howling Terror, The Good Seas, The Flying Cutlass, The Most Hades, The Poison Dragon, The Poseidon's Disgrace, The Drunken Buccaneers,

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