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The Deadline Epidemic, The Crippling Scourge, The Wretched Contagion, The Wildlife Infestation, The Illusion Plague, The Deluge Infestation, The Forlorn Scourge, The Laughing Scourge, The Pinnacle Affliction, The Titan Death, The Merciless Death, The Sadistic Death, The Bleak Affliction, The Desperate Outbreak, The Lingering Contagion, The Grisly Affliction, The Molten Pandemic, The Delirium Outbreak, The Malevolent Plague, The Primeval Epidemic, The Original Death, The Underestimated Infestation, The Sleeper Pandemic, The Superior Epidemic, The Particle Affliction, The Void Outbreak, The Solar Epidemic, The Last Contagion, The Anomaly Plague, The Dehydration Affliction, The Aquatic Pandemic, The Molten Affliction, The Solar Scourge, The Violent Infestation, The Creeping Contagion, The Superior Infestation, The Lunar Death, The Paragon Scourge, The Superior Outbreak, The Gloom Outbreak, The Extremist Affliction, The Feral Pandemic, The Necrosis Plague, The Mortal Plague, The Invincible Affliction,

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