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Crier Of The Moon, Brutal Ray Equalizer, Champion Of Deception, Cataclysm Laser Equalizer, Adjustable Gravity Cannon, Battleworn Plasma Gun, Bringer Of Denial, Armageddon Hand Gun, Soldier's Plasma Zapper, Alpha Phase Blaster, Armageddon Hand Eraser, Anti-tank Electron Disintegrator, Bringer Of Lost Worlds, Boon Of The Sky, Betrayer Of Grieving Widows, Alpha Flux Pistol, Agent Of The Cataclysm, Augmented Phase Disintegrator, Augmented Pulse Equalizer, Breaker Of Lost Comrades, High-power Proton Gun, Heavy Thermal Shooter, Carbon Photon Sniper, Cosmic Flux Equalizer, Whispering Anti-matter Pistol, Butcher Of Reckoning, Augmented Meson Shooter, Destroyer Of Trials, Dispatcher Of The Shadows, Lightning Meson Cannon, Cataclysm Photon Shooter, Hero Gravity Rifle, Cruiser Thermal Gun, Eclipse Ray Disintegrator, Apocalyptic Anti-matter Blaster, Cosmos Thermal Phaser, Long-range Hand Zapper, Chaos Photon Pistol, Bearer Of Anguish, Ferocity Of Dismay, Magma Proton Phaser, Battlestar Plasma Eraser, Adjustable Electron Zapper, Fusion Gun, Honed Gatling Pistol,

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