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Dragon Arrow, Energy Flux, Burst Of Twilight, Air Blaze, Ejection Wave, Burst Of Silence, Duplicity Flare, Blast Of Elemental Fury, Duplicity Of Sight, Deflection Of Intellect, Blessing Of Fiery Energy, Ejection Hymn, Protection Of Dragons, Carnage Hex, Confuse, Conjuration Of Death, Delay, Assault Of Ecstacy, Decimation Of Sealing, Divinity Of Law, Putrefaction Blast, Concentration Barrier, Barrier Of Vulnerability, Entangling Of Pride, Beam Of Revelation, Blast Of Divine Healing, Chaos Burst, Call Of Restoration, Burden, Orb Of Mind Control, Soul Whip, Spell Of Shattering, Ferocity Of Armor, Beam Of Divine Fury, Nether Rocket, Exorcism Aura, Division Of Dragons, Victory Wave, Shadow Rocket, Consecration Of Immortality, Elemental Rain, Blast Of Recovery, Distortion Of Honor, Anger Of Sealing, Lava Spike,

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