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Strategic Retaliation Squadron, Classified Force Crew, Emergency Combat Division, Tactical Relief Crew, Emergency Maintenance Squad, Incident Assault Division, Emergency Force Squad, Crisis Rescue Division, Trauma Control Unit, The Ethereal Squad, The Crisis Crew, Specialized Tracking Squad, Incident Service Unit, Strategic Service Crew, Incident Reconnaissance Crew, Trauma Rescue Unit, Pressure Management Crew, Trauma Training Team, Emergency Control Squadron, Crisis Retaliation Unit, Crisis Command Division, Extreme Response Team, Advanced Liberation Team, Pressure Task Team, The Elimination Squadron, Tactical Operation Team, Incident Response Crew, Specialized Engage Crew, The Frozen Crew, Special Airborne Team, Special Evaluation Squad, Classified Reconnaissance Crew, Crisis Intelligence Crew, Pressure Control Division, Crisis Reconnaissance Unit, The Ferals, Crisis Command Squad, Incident Retaliation Squad, Trauma Liberation Crew, The Barrage Squadron, Crisis Evaluation Squad, Crisis Intelligence Squad, Situational Relief Unit, Extreme Salvage Division, The Vikings,

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