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The Oceanus, The Boundary, The Mercy, The Phorcys, The Daucina, The Albacore, The Humpback, The Apah, The Brilliance, The Guidance, The Haik, The Distribution, The Acionna, The Aegir, The Watatsumi, The Longmu, The Sequana, The Susanoo, The Amphitrite, The Akheilos, The Wolffish, The Nodens, The Ran, The Ezili, The Siyokoy, The Moray, The Conch, The Anapos, The Kanaloa, The Ikatere, The White Whale, The Thalassa, The Abalone, The Belisama, The Porpoise, The Cymopoleia, The Marduk, The Llyr, The Yam, The Hermit Crab, The Man O' War, The Condatis, The Davy Jones, The Yurlungur, The Tlaloc,

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