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The Jelly, The Breaker, The Wrapper, The Screw Loose, The Loosener, The Measurer, The Pawpaw, The Burner, The Frog, The Cat Paw, The Automaton, The Onion Skin, The Ridge, The Naga, The Bear Claw, The Sweat Cap, The Godzilla, The Termite, The Punisher, The Smiter, The Bodangle, The Thingymabob, The Rocky, The Salsa, The Sparkler, The Big Buddy, The Flat Nose, The Tumb Wrench, The Sludge, The Skiller, The Mohawk, The Pitcher, The Screecher, The Tatertot, The Four Eyes, The Remover, The Winger, The Hole Digger, The Sabertooth, The Arm Buster, The Slapper, The Brute Force, The Bear Paw, The Fixeraller, The Zipzap,

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