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Massive Harlequin, The Short Wolverine, The Lean Mole, Curious Mantis, The Bizarre Killer, Master Messy Mage, First Hammer, Agent Smooth Mongoose, The Unusual Vulture, The Gullible Cricket, Agent Nasty Sword, Count Odd Bat, Elite Panther, Dangerous Starling, The Adorable Thief, Doctor Greasy Trident, Copper Mantis, Dark Lord, Captain Ruthless Fiend, Commander Dirty Sniper, The Electric Assassin, Captain Wise Wolverine, Captain Rapid Genius, Abominabel Angel, Smiling Genius, Mister Quick Fighter, Poor Trickster, The Harsh Raven, Mister Loud Comic, Master Hissing Soul, The Towering Android, Captain Swift Gloom, The Tricky Merlin, Absent Swordsman, The Rapid Swallow, Quick Murderer, Doctor Fire Hornet, Defiant Captain, The Cowardly Hornet, The Repulsive Amazon, Commander Secret Cricket, Creepy Freak, Drunken Volunteer, Pink Charmer, Professor Electric Banshee,

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