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Oluwafemi (god Wants Me), Bamidele (follow Me Home), Adetokunbo (crown Came From Over The Sea), Adetola (crown Can Be Measured To Wealth), Oluwafuntan (god Has Given Everything), Oluwakanyinsola (god Sweetened My Wealth), Adebayo (crown Has Met With Joy), Ekundayo (sorrow Becomes Joy), Oluwakanmi (god Has Touched Me), Akande (first Born), Ayokunumi (overwhelmed With Wealth), Adegoke (crown Has Been Exalted), Olabode (wealth Returns), Oluwabunmi (god Has Provided For Me), Babajide (father Has Returned), Olugbenga (god Raised Me Up), Temitope (mine's Worthy Of Praise), Anituke (taken Care Of From Conception), Olarenrewaju (wealth In The Future), Adesanya (rewards My Suffering), Adebayo (crown Has Met Wealth), Omoteleola (child Has Stepped Into Wealth), Folami (respect And Honor Me), Oluwaseun (we Thank God), Ayodele (joy Has Come Home), Adedeji (the Crown Has Become Two), Temitope (enough To Give Thanks), Omotayo (child Worth Rejoicing For), Aderounke (crown Has One To Pamper With), Olayinka (surrounded With Wealth), Temidayo (mine Has Turned To Joy), Eniola (person Of Wealth), Ifedapo (love Came Together), Adelomo (a Child Is A Crown), Temiloluwa (god Is Mine), Kolapo (wealth In Abundance), Omobolanle (a Child Who Met Wealth At Home), Yewande (mother Returned), Ayomide (joy Has Arrived), Enitan (person With A History), Dayo (joy Arrives), Adedayo (the Crown Turned To Joy), Ayoola (joy Of Wealth), Oluwatunmise (god Regenerated Me), Tiwalade (crown Is Ours),

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